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Electric bike tips on the blog

If you live where there are snow-covered roads, or where there is a lot of rainfall and you have to drive on sand or mud, then your choice is a bike, which we talked about in one of our previous reviews, but if, in addition to cross-country ability and more grip, you need more traction, the logical solution would be all-wheel drive on two wheels 2WD.
I’m sure, you’ve been asking yourself, which bike to order – standard or custom – when entering our site. In fact, almost all our clients tend to add something to the standard model.
Here at Delfast, we always take into account the wishes of our customers when we work on upgrading existing and creating new models. 70% of our customers live in the United States, and it was at their request that we had created our previous model, Top 2.0, more powerful than the previous Top 1. TOP 2.0
What is a fat bike? A new step in the evolution of mountain biking or just someone else decided to invent a bicycle again? Let’s figure out what kind of fat bike it is, as well as to whom and why it is suitable.
In this article, we would like to explain what the PAS system is – the ebike pedal assist system means, why Delfast installs it and whether it is needed at all. The electric bike, as a vehicle, is a hybrid. If it were set in motion only with the help of the muscular strength of a person, it would have been just a bicycle, and if it had been driven only with the help of an electric bike motor, an electric scooter.
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