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Get the Delfast with Klarna

Get the Delfast with

Still wondering how to get your dream Delfast electric bike on the most efficient financing conditions? It’s so easy! 

Some of you may be familiar with Klarna, some of you may not and it is our job to make your experience with Delfast as smooth as possible. Thus, here is the brief instruction.

1. Choose an e-bike at the official Delfast website and add it to the cart. Proceed to the checkout.

2. When in the US, choose the financing with Klarna.Сheckout_2

 3. Complete a simple one-time application.

4. The approvement process takes less than 3 minutes!

5. When you receive the confirmation, Klarna will take care of your payments and Delfast will  make sure you get your e-bike safely.

Have been dreaming of the
Offroad model? Pay around $200 per month. For the Prime model, the World Guinness holding e-bike, the minimum monthly payment will not exceed $140.  

Be among those who gets the Delfast electric bike while making the monthly payments that are suitable for you only and not burdening your family budget. 

Use the Klarna App to track your purchases and payments. It’s smart. And wonderfully easy!

P.S. If you are not the citizen of the United States of America and yet want to get the financing on the Delfast electric bike, please reach us at [email protected].


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