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How do I attach my new Saddle or Side Boxes?

We have a few different saddles and side boxes for you to choose from in our Parts Store. You can choose a regular bike saddle with a seat post, opt for a universal seat post, or choose a moto saddle. Our store also has Delfast Premium side boxes and Shad Premium side boxes ‒ both options are great to have when you plan to carry extra things with you during your ride.

How do I assemble my bike?

To assemble your bike, remove the bicycle and its parts from the shipping package. (Make sure you have removed all the small boxes.) Then, take the wheel and put it on the frame. Tighten the wheel axle nuts. Next, loosen the bolts that are holding the fork, then position and align the fork. Now you have to re-tighten the bolts, being careful not to overdo them.

Your next step is to attach the pedals and install the handlebars, accessories, mirrors, and throttle/grips, and carefully tighten all hardware. To make it easy for you, we’ve made How-to Video Guides that will walk you through the process.

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How do I charge my eBike the correct way?

Knowing how to charge your eBike is essential. First off: Use only the original charger that was included in the Delfast delivery. Make sure the outside temperature isn’t too hot or too cold (over 90F or below 30F), or else you might end up with a battery malfunction. The charging process takes between 5-6 hours ‒ you’ll know that your battery is fully charged when the charger indicator light turns green.

Do I have to remove my bike’s battery to charge it?

Definitely not. (In fact, we recommend that you don’t do that.) You can charge it when it’s mounted on your eBike ‒ just make sure you don’t leave it unattended while charging.

Can the battery self-recharge during use?

Yes, it’s called recuperation (or regenerative braking) and Delfast eBikes are equipped with this innovative technology.The motor generates energy and charges the battery through the brakes.

Recuperation begins when you slightly push on one or both of the brake handle bar levers. The moment the eBike begins to slow down, the motor begins to work as a generator. During recuperation, the battery is recharged, allowing you to get more overall distance on your eBike. Use the braking of the handlebar brake levers to activate recuperation, instead of braking with the pedal and using the brake pads. This will extend the lifetime of the brake pads and brake disks while also charging your battery. It’s a win-win!

How long is my bike’s battery life?

If you have ever wondered ‘how long does an electric bike battery last’, the answer for Delfast Top 3.0 battery is that the battery has a lifetime of 3000 charging cycles. One charging cycle means a full charge of the battery to its full capacity. Partial loads can be done more often.

How much does it cost to charge an eBike?

Normally, when you type the “how much does it cost to charge an eBike” question in Google, you’ll see something around 10 cents per charge. More accurate price depends on battery voltage and local prices for electricity.

To make it easy for you, we have a formula for TOP 3.0: ((72V x 48Ah) / 1000) x local electricity rate. To break this down, simply multiply your local electricity rate by 3,456 and we’re guessing you’ll get something around 10-12 cents per charge - making it around only 24 dollars a year!

What are some insider lifehackers that could be helpful to know?

Did you know that lowering tire pressure during rainy weather will provide you with better traction? Also, if you choose to get a new Li-ion battery, fully charge it up on the first charge to make it last up to 12 hours (and to make sure the charge cycles kick off in the right way). These and many other tips are available on our blog ‒ they’re a good read, we promise.

This is my first electric bike. What are some basic eBike Riding tips?

Here are some of the best eBike riding tips if you’re completely new to eBiking:

  • Make sure your eBike is in tip-top condition before taking it for a ride. This means, give it a proper visual inspection, checking the brakes, lights, tires, and check to make sure you have a fully charged battery.
  • Follow all traffic rules. Personal responsibility is critical, even though your eBike doesn’t feel as big and “serious” as a car on the road, your position and behavior on the road affects everyone.Know your route. Check your route before you start driving. It will help you avoid any unpleasant surprises - and pack the appropriate amount of snacks - before a long trip.
  • Turn on your lights to make sure you’re visible on the road.

How can I ride safely in winter conditions and rain?

Every season is beautiful when it comes to riding an eBike. However, there are some things you should consider before going on a ride in cold, rainy and snowy weather:

  • Dress appropriately. Make sure your body and face are covered well enough to keep you warm despite the wind and cold temperatures.
  • Take care of your eBike. Don’t store it outside when it’s freezing (we’re talking below 30F), make sure it’s fully charged before your ride, and check to make sure the tires aren’t flat. Also, we recommend installing special winter tires that provide you with better traction.
  • Make sure your brakes and lights work properly ‒ this is a rule of thumb during any season, but in foggy weather and on slippery roads it’s even more important.
  • Don’t ride when it’s freezing. The battery might not operate correctly in temperatures around 0F or during winter storms and blizzards.No need to put yourself in danger.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

Yes, of course. This is the No.1 safety rule when riding any bike. Helmets are required even if you’re just taking a slow joy ride down your street. And if you ever wondered, “What kind of helmet do I need for an eBike?”, the answer is simple ‒ the same you would use for riding a motorcycle.

Do I need a special license to ride an electric bike?

In the US, the eBike classification varies from state to state. Some states classify eBikes as motorized vehicles. If that’s the case, you need to get your bike registered and get a license. If that’s not the case in your state, you do not need a license. We suggest you call your local authorities about state requirements before riding an electric bike.

Is it legal to own an electric bike?

Yes. Federal regulations limit electric motor power to 750W and speed to 20 mph when driven on public roads. These regulations apply to public roads and trails only - you can drive more freely (and in Unlimited Mode) on private land and off-road.

Are eBikes legal on public roads?

Yes, it is legal to ride your eBike on a public road but you must ride in the bike lane along with all other bicycles. If you choose, you can also register your eBike (though it’s not required).

Are eBikes legal in the US?

Every state has its eBike regulation and policies that govern eBike legality. Delfast eBikes are completely legal in most states if you abide by local traffic laws and keep your speed under 20 mph on all public roads.

Tell me more about PAS or “Pedal Assist System”?

Our electric bikes support a few power modes, including the Pedal Assist System. When using PAS you will feel assistance when you push the bike pedals. You can select how much motor power you use for this and switch to what feels like the most comfortable pedal-assist mode for you - or not use it at all.

Is an electric bike faster than a conventional bike?

YES. As you may know, the Delfast Top 3.0 can travel up to 50 mph in Unlimited Mode.

On any public road, you can choose the pedal-assist mode to travel up to 20 mph, with the option to add even more power from the motor (up to 750 W), when needed. Just make sure you don’t surpass your local speed limits ‒ safety (and law abiding) should be your priority.

Can I ride an electric bike without pedaling?

Yes. There are two options of how to ride without pedaling. You can use the eBike pedal-assist system or put the bike in throttle mode (which we call “Unlimited”). You can learn more on how to use pedal assist on the Top 3.0 eBike in our PAS guide.

What are the benefits of electric bikes?

An e-bike is much faster than a regular bicycle. With Delfast electric bikes, you can select the level of pedal assistance you prefer when pedaling. If you don’t want to pedal, that’s not a problem. You can easily switch to throttle mode and enjoy your ride to the fullest.

And if you’re more of a fan of cardio workouts, you can use an eBike without pedal-assist to get fit and stay healthy… and then just use pedal assist when you are headed to work and don’t want to get all sweaty and stinky.

Other benefits include cost savings, “find my bike” functionality, and more.

Are your bikes equipped with a pedal-assist system?

Yes! Use Delfast’s Pedal Assist System (PAS) to make your rides easier. And if you don’t know what pedal assist is on an eBike, we’ve got you covered. Read here.

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