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What are your estimated production & delivery times?

It takes us 8-10 weeks to manufacture an eBike and 8-10 additional weeks to deliver it. We appreciate your patience and look forward to building your custom bike!

Do you deliver eBikes to Australia, Kazakhstan, or any other country?

Yes, we do. Check here for the list of countries we ship to,or contact our Sales representatives to find out more: https://delfastbikes.com/contacts.

Why is shipping cost calculated separately?

For now, our Delfast ebikes are shipped from overseas, so we have to account for shipping costs. We choose to charge each consumer for shipping to their location instead of increasing the cost of the product across the board. Stay tuned for news about dealers opening in your area.

What is your shipping policy?

We choose to use sea freight instead of air shipping for both its cost savings and lesser impact on the environment. In addition, electric bikes are prohibited from taking to the skies because they contain hazardous battery material not allowed on airplanes. You can learn more about eBike shipping by contacting our Sales team: https://delfastbikes.com/contacts.

How long will I have to wait?

At this time, each Delfast eBikes is made to order and so usually takes 8-10 weeks to produce and 8-12 weeks to ship via sea freight. Please contact the Delfast Sales team for a more specific estimate, depending on your customizations and location: https://delfastbikes.com/contacts.

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