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World's Longest EBike Range

Delfast knows a thing or two about range. In October 2017, Delfast set the Guinness World Record for greatest distance traveled (228 miles) by an eBike on a single charge. We also know a bit about speed, in 2021 we set another record at Bonneville Speed Week for the fastest electric motorcycle in the “A” Omega category. Let’s talk about range in the context of our two records and how they help us understand real world scenarios.

In other words, you’ve come to the right place to research range. The Delfast Top 3.0i is built using the same technology as our record setting prototype, but now with even more intelligence at your fingertips.

What is range?

The simplest answer:

Range is the distance you can travel on a single charge.

The not so simple answer:

Range is determined by several factors, including the battery capacity, power output, speed of travel, weight of the cargo, the amount of pedal assist used, incline or decline, conditions and type of terrain, as well as temperature and other weather related factors.

Our record-breaking performance of 228 miles was set under optimum conditions. It was around 77 degrees Fahrenheit, on a smooth track, with an experienced rider focused on keeping the speed and pedal ratio in balance for maximum range. Under optimal conditions a typical rider can achieve 200 miles on a single charge, but as we know conditions aren’t always perfect.

range1 range2

What range to expect given your riding habits

The simplest answer:

You can expect close to maximum range if your riding is focused on achieving the greatest range possible in optimal conditions.

The not so simple answer: your range will vary because city conditions don’t match that of a track, acceleration and braking will be impacted at stop signs and traffic lights, and your need for bursts of speed to avoid obstacles and stay safe will also affect range. Off-road riding will see a larger decrease in range if riding in Unlimited mode, due to the ever-changing terrain.

Crunching the numbers

Our testing and experience have given us an idea of real-world numbers. The average rider can expect just under 150 miles if conscious of power consumption, going 15 MPH and with use of pedal assist mode. At a rate of 20 MPH on the road under the same conditions a range of 110 miles is more likely. A rider wanting to unleash the speed and power of Unlimited mode off-road, up to 50 MPH and 5000 Watts, will have access to around 60 miles of range.

Speed Mode 1
street legal class 1
150mi 15mPH
Speed Mode 1
street legal class 2
110mi 20mPH
Speed Mode 2
Unlimited mode
60mi 50mPH

We have beaten our own record

232 miles on a single charge

June 2022, Kyiv
*In ideal conditions. Bike was traveling at 15 mph.

Improving range through battery care

There are a few steps to take and conditions to be aware of in order to preserve your battery longevity.


It is best not to store your eBike with the battery plugged in. Unplugging the lithium-ion battery promptly after charging will ensure there is no long-term or irreversible damage.


Like every li-ion battery, the battery in your Delfast Top 3.0i eBike loses capacity from every charge and discharge cycle over the years. To achieve the desired longevity, charge your battery when it needs a charge given the distance it will be ridden.


If you’re after the longest range possible you can turn off additional devices on your eBike such as the lights, GPS, and display when it is safe to do so.

gps-markLos Angeles

150 miles

on one single charge

gps-markLos Angeles
gps-markSan Diego
gps-markSan Diego
impact impact

Other factors impacting range

Extremes and you

Temperature, riding terrain, or your own use of the throttle can all greatly affect range achieved. The optimum operating temperature for our lithium-ion battery is 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Slight differences in range will be noticed when your eBike battery is above or below this temperature. Under 50 degrees Fahrenheit and you’ll experience a heavy decrease in battery capacity and therefore range. Temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit will also greatly affect battery performance and range. Does this mean you cannot ride during these times? No, but it is important to note that they will affect range.


Tires play another important role in either achieving maximum range or gaining better traction when unleashing more power. If your travels find you most often on blacktop, city streets or meandering paths on paved country roads you may opt for a road tire to increase your range. If you crave the raw power of Unlimited mode on unpaved trails, hills and rocky terrain our Dirt Cross Tires are available for extra grip and stability, but do reduce range capacity slightly.

Your battery is working properly so go ride

Understanding that range is affected by a host of factors can put your mind at ease that your battery is operating as it was designed. Ultimately the range you achieve is up to you and the type of ride you choose every time you sit atop your Delfast Top 3.0i.

Enjoy the ride and the range

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