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Delfast Highlights

Fast couriers Delfast started operating as a first eco-friendly, 1-hour delivery service.
Record high Prime model set the Guinness World Record as the e-bike with the longest range ever - 367 km on a single charge. That was more than Tesla 3 could handle.
Innovation: mode on Delfast presented Partner, Offroad, Top 2.0, offering diverse combinations of range, power, and speed modes.
Strategic shift Delfast sells the courier division, chooses a single-model strategy and focuses on the best-selling Top e-bike. The team launched brand new Top 3.0.
Out on patrol Mexicali PD received the first Delfast e-bikes for street patrolling. Right now, Top 3.0 is being shipped across the American PDs for test drives.
Crowdfunding The company is on the way to building its own production center in Ukraine. $3M Fundable campaign is on!
R&D localization starts After successfully raising $3.4M via crowdfunding, Delfast starts localizes development and production of e-bikes based at ELMIZ factory in UA and the United States.
Reviving the legend Delfast receives DNEPR trademark and reintroduces the e-version of the iconic DNEPR motorcycle, creating the first Delfast Dnepr Electric prototype.
New record Continuing the series of world records, Delfast Dnepr Electric tons up at Bonneville Speed Week 2021 in a motorcycles category “A” Omega at 107.2 mph.

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Top 3.0

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