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How can I talk to customer support?

To talk to our Support team, click here.

What can I do if my eBike gets damaged?

Your eBike is built to last. In case it needs some support, we have Dealers and support locations located around the world. Please click here to contact our Support team and we’ll connect you with the closest resource.

How can I complete warranty covered exchange?

Please click here to contact our Support team if you have experienced any technical malfunctions with your Delfast eBike. We’ll work with you to get your bike back up, running, and online before beginning the return process.

What are your return and refund terms?

You can request a refund immediately after you’ve placed your order and up until 14 days after the day you received the bike.

You can also request a refund within 7 days from the date of order placement for a 100% refund. (We, of course, hope it doesn’t come to this.) For more information on refunds click here.

How to register my eBike for a warranty?

Find the serial number on your bike frame (hint: it’s underneath the left side cover). Next, follow the instructions from the Bike Assembly Guide we shipped with your electric bike. If you can’t locate it, or need more information, just give us a call. Contact our Support team by clicking here.

What are your warranty terms?

Delfast’s warranty lasts 2 years and covers the bike’s main parts: frame, battery, and motor. It’s important that you register your bike once you receive it to activate this warranty. For more warranty information (or to register your bike), click here.

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