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Bike Set-Up

How do I attach my new Saddle or Side Boxes?

We have a few different saddles and side boxes for you to choose from in our Parts Store. You can choose a regular bike saddle with a seat post, opt for a universal seat post, or choose a moto saddle. Our store also has Delfast Premium side boxes and Shad Premium side boxes ‒ both options are great to have when you plan to carry extra things with you during your ride.

How do I assemble my bike?

To assemble your bike, remove the bicycle and its parts from the shipping package. (Make sure you have removed all the small boxes.) Then, take the wheel and put it on the frame. Tighten the wheel axle nuts. Next, loosen the bolts that are holding the fork, then position and align the fork. Now you have to re-tighten the bolts, being careful not to overdo them.

Your next step is to attach the pedals and install the handlebars, accessories, mirrors, and throttle/grips, and carefully tighten all hardware. To make it easy for you, we’ve made How-to Video Guides that will walk you through the process.

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