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Why is Delfast an electric bike for day-to-day use?

Why is Delfast an


Because it is absolutely logical. Even if you do not go deep into the heart of the matter – electric bikes are simply much more reliable than any transport because of virtually no complicated mechanical gears or an internal combustion engine. All they really need is a battery, an electric motor and electronics. They are certainly environmentally friendly because they do not require gasoline and oil, and their “carbon footprint” is very low. And paradoxically unlike bicycles, e-bikes are much more friendly to the driver. Your age, gender, weight or physical shape are much less important for electric bicycles because the electric motor “smoothes out” the differences of riders. This is particularly important for people using bikes for commuting or even as a ‘working’ vehicle since it’s a day-to-day necessity, regardless of how fit or in the mood to ride you are.


But the most important thing is that it is absolutely clear that the electric bike is very easily integrated into the control and accounting system of any company. After all, this is a “smart-phone” (or, rather, a “smart-bike”) on wheels.
You can easily control and monitor vital KPIs of each driver. Where and at what speed are they driving? What’s the best route to plan given the current traffic. Add to this your ability to track freight or process payments via RFID tags – and you got yourself a whole business on wheels ready to go. Finally, an electric bike is … frugal. That’s right. The only difference is that you incur relatively high costs at the time of purchase. We are used to buying something relatively cheaply, like a motorcycle, and then we pay constantly for maintenance, gasoline, service, insurance… In the end, we come to realize that we’ve actually paid three times the initial price of the actual vehicle with all these cumulative expenses. This is called the cost of ownership. But the situation is nearly the exact opposite when it comes to e-bikes. Having paid once – you spend incomparable less money further on.


There is still a very important point that characterizes electric bikes – flexibility. Delfast has built a bike that set a world record for the range of on a single charge. However, the range is only the beginning. With the possibilities that an e-bike offers – you can integrate almost any sort of software and hardware to augment your riding experience. Why use a Fitbit when your own bike can calculate the needed effort to reach your daily fitness goal and optimize the motor-pedalling balance? This is where we see Delfast moving in the future – your really personal bike.

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