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Electric bike tips on the blog

One of the most common questions is how often one should charge the battery of an e-bike?  The answer may be as simple as when the electric bike indicates it. Most electric bicycles are equipped with some sort of indicator for the charge of the battery.
How fast is an electric bike? Many people interested in purchasing their first e-bike often ask this question. Also, many wonder whether the speed e-bikes reach is within safe and legal limits.
If you use it for city commuting, you can also have some fun while you go from one point to another. You’re even more fortunate if you live in one of those parts of the world where the sun always shines. But even if your area is rainy or winter brings more snow than you expect, you can still ride your electric bike. You just need to make some preparations.
Why did electric bicycles become so popular in the USA? A general answer is because they cater to all types of people. Cycling has been long a preferred commuting method for many people in the United States. It is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and good for one’s health. Thus, the electric bike comes as an enhancement for commuting.
A common misconception is that getting pedal assistance takes away the effort and fun of cycling. Thus, many of these cyclists don’t have a positive initial opinion of electric bicycles. Until they ride one. Then, they usually change their minds.
Electric bicycles (e-bikes) have the potential to revolutionize the way people travel. Equipped with a battery and an electric motor, an e-bike eases the ride in difficult conditions such as riding on uphill terrain. This characteristic allows more people to opt for an alternative to a car. The result is lower carbon emissions and a healthier population.
These early e-bikes had limited range and heavy batteries and mainly worked on the pedal assist mode in which the rider turned the pedals as on a normal bicycle with the motor giving some extra input to make pedaling easier, this was all well and good until the battery ran out of charge at which point the rider was left with a heavy bicycle and very tired legs.
Therefore, we decided to make a small mini-guide on the legality of using electric bikes in the USA, a country where new happy owners of Delfast bikes appear every day.
As you know, Delfast, the Guinness World Record holder, introduced the updated Delfast Top 3.0 last year. This model became the undisputed bestseller in the US for 2019-2020, as a result of which the company decided to focus on improving this model only
2020 is almost over. It has been a challenging year for both companies and people, hasn’t it? And now we’re going to tell you a little more about what this year has been like for us, what challenges, hopes, and milestones our company faced.
Previously on Delfast blog, we published articles on how to mount a camera on an electric bike. This article is devoted to the range of electric bikes and its calculation. So, how long can one ride on one electric bike charge? 
There are both experienced e-bike enthusiasts and newbies among you. We published the previous article on how to properly mount the camera on an electric bike for those who are not so experienced in the topic.
Recently we published an article on how to take care of your e-bike battery. We devote today's article to mounting the camera on your electric bike. You’ll find here general tips on how to mount a camera on a bicycle or on an electric bike, TOP-3 short e-bike camera reviews, and tips to pay attention to. 
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