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Top 3.0 Model Update: Why It Is Cooler Than Before

Top 3.0 Model

It’s been a long and cold winter, hasn’t it? But as The Beatles put it in their famous song, here comes the sun! As much as spring is the time of revival, it is a powerful source for inspiration among poets, artists, designers, and...our engineers. Meet the updated Top 3.0: safer and more powerful. Several technical upgrades were introduced so that you enjoy your rides to the fullest this season. While the core design and characteristics remain, the improvements will contribute to your even better experience with Delfast. Let’s look through the four major improvements before you take a ride.

1. A KKE Fork to Boost Your e-Bike Power

The Top 3.0 was equipped with a DNM USD-8s front fork. This fork was a great performer, especially for mountain and off-road trails, however allowing bike brakes only. Thus, we have upgraded to a KKE front fork with a 203mm stroke. KKE manufactures forks, shock absorbers, and discs for motocross motorcycles. The KKE front fork for the Top 3.0 has been built to the specifications of our engineers. With this upgrade, we can use a more massive rotor with a larger diameter. The result is that the Top 3.0 unites a close-to-motorcycle power and easy e-bike maintenance now.

2. A Battery with Greater Capacity

The battery system has been upgraded to a 72V 48AH 3200mAH cells Lithium battery from LG. It features a Bluetooth smart BMS for 100A. The difference with the previous battery in the Top 3.0 is the higher electric current that the new one can deliver. The greater current flow from the battery allows the use of a new 100A controller and a more powerful motor, while torque fills your race track with adrenaline.

3. One-Rotor Hydraulic Brake System

We have also upgraded the brake system. The Top 3.0 used Tektro HD-E525 brakes with a double front rotor. This system consisted of brake levers, wires, and brake calipers. Two brake discs Cooma 203mm were needed to withstand the overheating generated to stop a heavy and fast e-bike such as the Top 3.0.

Thus, our engineering team opted to upgrade to the 200F-180R brake system with a 203mm disk. This is a hydraulic brake system, which was originally designed for e-scooters. However, it has been customized to meet the requirements specified by our engineers. We chose to use a single brake disc Bengal OD-203C 203mm. This system allows for the installation of more massive rotors of 203mm and 220 mm in diameter. Thanks to the thicker material, the disc doesn’t overheat under heavy loads.

For the cyclist, this means more reliability and safety, especially when the electric bicycle is ridden at high speed. Also, it increases the longevity of the brake system. You won’t need to replace the disc of the Top 3.0 often.

4. A More Powerful Motor

Delfast Top 3.0 is equipped with a QS V3 205 3000W motor, which is a new version of the motor used previously. It withstands a peak load of 6000W. This allows you to accelerate your e-bike in a shorter time, reaching 80km/h by default, while the top speed can reach up to 90km/h.

Enjoy Your Electric Bike to the Fullest!

Delfast Top 3.0 has been technically upgraded to improve its reliability, safety, and usability. As we mentioned, the key characteristics of the Delfast 3.0 remain unchanged with these improvements. You’ll still have a range of 200 mi (321 km) on a single battery charge. The load capacity is also the same in the upgraded version.

The Top 3.0 is more powerful and the battery can be charged much faster. It is easier to ride and maintain. Off-road and speed ride enthusiasts will still enjoy a standard 80km/h speed, the new motor will give a chance to reach 90 km/h max. Yet you can still keep the speed within the preferable limit. These improvements have been introduced to make your rides more adventurous during the sunny days that lie ahead.

So, don’t think twice and get this upgraded version. Learn more about it at https://delfastbikes.com/. You will experience a new level of joy with your Top buddy.

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