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Delfast Financing Options

Delfast Financing

Considering buying a Delfast electric bike, but not ready to pay the full price at once? You’re not the first Delfast fan facing such a problem when considering a purchase.


For those who are interested in paying in parts –  we have created special installment plans. 

There are two main options:


  • You can pay 50% at once and the rest 50% – on the shipping. 
  • The other option you can choose is the installment plan: payments in parts. Your one-time payments can start from $500. This plan can be calculated for 12 months. 


Both financing options are interest-free installment plans developed by Delfast.


Please, send us a request for an individual installment plan to [email protected] or ask for more information in our chat, our sales managers will develop an individual installment plan for you by request.


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