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Happy New Year and Thank you!

Happy New Year and

2020 is almost over. It has been a challenging year for both companies and people, hasn’t it? And now we’re going to tell you a little more about what this year has been like for us, what challenges, hopes, and milestones our company faced.

New updates

2020 was a year of improvements to previously released models and also a year of entering new markets. In April we released an improved model of our legendary bike Delfast Prime 2.0. The updated Delfast e-bike had an updated, more powerful, and more fuel-efficient motor. Plus, the new model has improved two-disc front brakes and a gearbox with a remote controller. In terms of transmission, the new Delfast Prime had a Carbon (belt drive) drive with a single toothed chain. The most important reason for using a carbon drive was that it has a range of 20,000 km and, therefore, can serve you 10 times longer than the previous type of chain.

Delfast Partner 2.0 was another upgrade of the previous model, which took place in the first half of 2020. The newly upgraded Delfast Partner was also equipped with a carbon single-toothed chain drive. 

Anti-covid measures and green police initiative

In April 2020, when it became obvious that the pandemic was becoming a part of our reality, and it was necessary not only to live with it but to take active measures to adapt to a new life, we in Delfast decided to decrease the prices of bikes for our customers, introduce new installment systems for more comfortable purchases.

We need to offer society practical solutions to improve the situation with the pollution of the planet. That is why, considering the previous experience with US police, Delfast announced the launch of an exclusive initiative for police services around the world to promote green electric vehicles for governmental institutions. 

Installment programs

From the beginning of 2020, we began to cooperate with companies that provide credit and financial opportunities for our customers. Today we can offer up to 5 financings operating in the US and worldwide: PayPal Credit, Klarna, Affirm, PayBright, Partial.ly. One can order a Delfast electric bike, paying from $150. Each financial instrument has its advantages. Thanks to the various options available, our clients around the world can use exactly the financial instrument that suits them best.

 Affiliate program re-launch

Delfast officially relaunched the affiliate program this year. If you still don't know how to make money with delfast, drop us a mail at [email protected]. Affiliates earn with Delfast affiliate program $500 per sale. Delfast is giving the opportunity to generate passive income even when you sleep. Registration takes you just 2 minutes. It is possible to promote Delfast e-bikes through your website, blog, social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, etc. Each time any of your followers purchase a Delfast bike, you get your $500 commission added to your account.

B2B market (Delfast Trike)

This year, we launched a new electric vehicle for business with the support of a grant from USAID - Delfast Trike. This new model is a reliable and durable e-bike constructed for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs. It was specially designed to transfer cargo and goods. It brings dynamic delivery solutions to businesses that require efficient transport. Trike’s powerful battery allows it to ride for at least 60 km or 37 mi or the maximum of 110 km or 68 mi on a single charge, which makes it possible to complete 20+ deliveries a day all over the city.


Starting as the delivery service, Delfast is now working with a team of professionals who design, produce, and sell leading electric bikes worldwide. Since then our dream remains the same: to preserve clean air on the planet for future generations. Therefore, we are planning to build an R&D center in Delfast. This fall Delfast launched the crowdfunding campaign intending to raise $3 million on Fundable, the largest crowdfunding platform helping small businesses raise capital. If you are not indifferent to environmental problems on the planet, support our project on Fundable. People in over 40 countries enjoy traveling with Delfast, including ordinary citizens, Mexican police officers, and self-employed e-bikes for professional use. Over the years, our clients have traveled over 10 million miles together.

Financial results

Delfast has completed one of our strongest years ever. In 2020 we quadrupled our revenues. The company experienced a 405% increase in sales in Q2 2020 when compared to Q1 2020 and a 222% increase over the last three months. By this moment, sales grew up to $2M this year, while 2019 reached its maximum at $552K. 

Delfast top 3.0

Why is Delfast Top 3.0 a bestseller? What is the new course?

Over the past 2 years, Delfast Top has become the most sold bike in our lineup. That's why we decided to focus on improving this model.

Delfast will now put all of its efforts into the development of an excellent TOP that will not have an alternative on the market. The goal is to bring TOP to the ultimate excellence in power, speed, design, comfort, and other features that make it the smart bike too. Thus, to give the customers the perfect electric bike they truly want and deserve. 

This new course means that all new developments of the engineering team will now concentrate on the TOP model for B2C clients. Nevertheless, Trike, the B2B model, will remain with the production and sales occurring as planned and announced before. The Delfast team also keeps working with the B2G sector. The development of the specially designed electric bike for police, the TopCop is ongoing, since it is the unique modification of the TOP model. 

“There is a great business argument behind our decision. TOP gives us 81% of sales, so we decided to focus on this mode and make the best TOP electric bike possible for our clients,”

says Daniel Tonkopiy, Delfast’s CEO, and here’s how he explains it on Delfast official YouTube channel.

Lifetime warranty for your Delfast e-bike

2020 has been the year of challenges and improvements for Delfast. Even though the entire world faced the challenges that came with the pandemic outbreak, the Delfast team tried to do everything in their hands to support their clients and to bring some good news on their side.

For the first time in Delfast history, the company issues the lifetime warranty on the e-bike’s frame, as we are confident in the quality of our e-bikes. The Delfast team of engineers highlighted the significance of the frame construction and managed to achieve its highest quality. The lifelong warranty is not audacity, it’s Delfast commitment and assurance of the frame that will last forever.

Thank you all for being with us in this challenging but very dynamic year. We promise we will continue to surprise you with news and products in the new year 2021! We have a lot of new things planned. See you on the road! 

Happy New 2021 to all of you and your families!If you have any questions, you’re welcome to contact us via live chat at delfastbikes.com or email us at [email protected].

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