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Delfast launches the Green Police Initiative for the police departments worldwide

Delfast launches the

Today Delfast announces the launch of the exclusive initiative directed to the police services globally and aimed to promote green electric vehicles within governmental institutions. 

The Program provides special offer, which implies favorable price on the e-bikes for test and other special conditions of the cooperation to be discussed privateverly during the negotiations. As they test Top Cops, police may request the additional equipment such as special police horns, lights, cargo platform, radio and weapon mounts or whatever they consider needed for effective police performance. The design, meaning an e-bike coating, may also be customized. 

Top Cop has all the features expected by the law enforcement services. The e-bike reaches the maximum speed of 50 mph or 80 km/h, which is great for a high speed chasing. The Delfast can easily overcome congestion and challenging terrains where a regular car will not make it. A single charge range of 174 mi or 280 km makes a Top Cop perfect for all-day-long city patrol. All these, while keeping the air clean and promoting a healthy public. 

“Delfast Top Cop will not die while you are chasing an offender”
– Daniel Tonkopiy, CEO Delfast

As the part of the initiative, Delfast also intends to contribute to a national organizations or institution that aids current or former police officers, firefighters, paramedics and their families. Being the socially responsible company, with much respect Delfast aims to help those who risk their lives and health for the good of others. While they make the world a better place to live in their own way, Delfast, with its electric bikes, is eager to make the world a little cleaner for them and the rest of the people. 

“Safe and clean cities – this is our goal here”
– Serhii Denysenko, COO Delfast

Delfast suggests practical solutions to fight the climate change. While there are many authorities implementing programs encouraging population to switch to electrical vehicles, there are little of them enforcing the idea within governmental bodies.

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