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How to earn $2500 a month with the Delfast affiliate program?

How to earn $2500 a

The electric bikes brand is ready to offer more to its clients with its Affiliate Program. The program implies some kind of partnership allowing people to make up to $500 per every sold Delfast electric bike (models at sale are prohibited to promote).

Affiliate is the contemporary way to make good money with the minimum effort. Delfast is giving the opportunity to generate passive income even when you sleep. Affiliate marketing works for you through your own website, blog, social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest etc. 

To start you need to register with the program by filling out the basic information in the account. After the approval, you can find the promo materials in your affiliate center that can be used with no limits. Use affiliate links or QR code to promote Delfast e-bike and make sure your followers use it when making the purchase. You will be paid the commission for every sale made with personal affiliate link or QR code.

Use the imagination. You can create your own blog or website; share your interests, experiences and thoughts while attracting like-minded people and making some extra money. Find your niche and enjoy the process. Remember, it might be more beneficial if your content is related to the product you promote and sell; Delfast e-bikes would make sense in a blog about travelling, electric vehicles, eco-conscious way of living, extreme adventures etc. 

The whole activity is tracked on your dashboard, where you can take the use of the statics and activity analysis in the tables and charts. Monitor all active referral links daily, leads generated, customers, conversion to customers and the profit calculated. Besides using referral links, there is a possibility to get own QR code and use it for offline marketing, i.e. as a sticker on an e-bike, car, laptop or any other place you might think will work.  Be mindful where to embed the link and to use the QR code.

Delfast Affiliate Program


This kind of partnership offers  profit for every Delfast electric bike sold. To become an affiliate, please contact us at [email protected], and we will send you the unique promo code, individual affiliate link or QR code.  

Contact information:

United States: +1 929 999 57 12

European Union: +44 203 695 50 51

[email protected], [email protected]

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