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Bike in credit: financings guide from Delfast

Bike in credit:

Dear customers, if you want to order a Delfast electric bike in credit, we can offer various credit options. In this article we’d like to tell you more about the payment options we currently offer.

Currently you can apply for Klarna (available in the US), Affirm (available in the US as well) PayPal (available worldwide), Partial.ly (available in countries by this link), PayBright (Canada).

We considered it important to tell you more about the payment systems that we have connected in order to make it more convenient for you to order a Delfast bike. So, this is what you need to know before you apply.

Klarna terms for customers:

  • easy to use,
  • an option to manage one’s budget in the best way,
  • APR is about 19,99%.

Affirm conditions and advantages:

  • APR ranges from 0% to 30% depending on your creditworthiness,
  • loans are calculated as simple interest loans,
  • various financial management tools available for your comfort.

PayPal credit terms:

  • worldwide credit option,
  • it takes less than a minute to appy to paypal credit,
  • no interest if paying in 6 months or less.

Partial.ly terms for customers:

  • requires to create an account to open a payment plan,
  • does not run a credit check unlike the previous financing options,
  • one’s credit limit should be equal to the price of the product one purchases (e.g. if the price of Delfast electric bike is about $6000, the credit limit should be higher or equal to that).

PayBright conditions and advantages:

  • annual percentage rate is 9,95%-19,95% depending on the credit history,
  • credit period is from 12 to 24 months.

Please note that a door-to-door delivery option is available (ask us for details in the live chat). Besides, lifetime guarantee on the e-bike frame is offered by Delfast.

Feel free to contact us via live chat at delfastbikes.com or email us at [email protected]

P.S. If any of the credit instruments mentioned above doesn't suit you, Delfast still has something to surprise you - there is a special no-interest Delfast’s Financing option.

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