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Lifetime warranty for Delfast customers

Lifetime warranty

2020 has been the year of improvements and achievements for Delfast. Even though the entire world faced the challenges that came with the pandemic outbreak, Delfast team tried to do everything in their hands to support their clients and to bring some good news on their side.

Among those news is the extension of the warranty period for different Delfast electric bike components for all new current and future electric bike models. Among those updated models are now Prime 2.0 and Top 3.0. When Delfast releases new e-bikes, the warranty applies to them too.

For the first time in Delfast history, the company issues the lifetime warranty on the e-bike’s frame. Before, the company provided the guarantee on the frame for 12 months or 15 000 km (9 320 mi) only. Delfast team of engineers highlighted the significance of the frame construction and managed to achieve its highest quality. The lifelong warranty is not audacity, it’s Delfast commitment and assurance of the frame that will last forever.

The following are elements that now have the 24-months, or 30 000 km (18 640 mi) warranty: the battery pack, motor, controller, display, GPS tracker, front rock, rear shock, brake system, seatpost, tires, electrical components and many others. To compare, Delfast used to have the guarantee for 18 and 12 months, or 22 500 km (14 000 mi) and 15 000 km (9 320 mi). The shortest term of the warranty on the majority of minor parts was 3 months or 3 750 km (2 330 mi).

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