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Work Out with Your eBike

Work Out with Your

The population at large is undergoing a shift in favor of a healthier lifestyle. Jump on the bandwagon! You can prevent many health problems by adopting good eating habits and exercising more often. You don’t need to become a gym addict to be in great shape. Fitness experts agree that burning 400-500 kcal five days a week will suffice to begin losing weight and improve your health. The good news is that you can achieve these calorie-burning levels by simply riding your electric bike! Sounds fun, right?

Can You Actually Burn Some Calories If You’re Not Pedaling?

For some people, riding an electric bike is far from exercising. Even a few experienced cyclists are reluctant to shift to an electric bike because of the idea of not exercising enough. They argue that the absence of pedaling won’t burn calories. No pain, no gain, right? Well, frankly, all those allegations are utterly baseless.

Nobody denies that electric bikes are easier to ride. After all, that’s the reason many newcomers choose an electric bike to take up cycling. But practically all e-bikes allow the rider to select the level of pedal assistance according to their current fitness. Depending on the pedal-assist level and the type of terrain (flat or hilly), a 45-minute e-bike ride can burn as much as 500 kcal. Astounding, uh?

Riding an electric bike doesn’t require as much leg action as riding a conventional one. However, other muscle groups get involved, particularly those of the upper body. Moreover, to burn calories, both the intensity and duration of the workout matter. By increasing the pedal-assist level, the rider reduces the intensity of the e-bike ride. But the duration can increase significantly as the rider can travel farther. In the end, the number of burnt calories equals or surpasses what you’d achieve with a regular bike.

How Does This Work?

A leisure e-bike ride or commuting to work represents both cardio and full-body weight training. How is it possible? Below are the reasons:

  •  E-bike weight. An electric bike is heavier than a regular one. The battery, electric motor, and sturdier steel frame add several extra pounds (you can read our article on this topic for more information). Hence, controlling such a vehicle requires more force in the arms and muscles of the upper body.
  •  Muscle activity. Controlling an e-bike is even more challenging during off-road riding. As a result, muscles of the upper body exert extra effort. Although these muscles don’t show on a toned body, they add muscular mass. It speeds up metabolism significantly.
  •  Cardio workout. Electric bikes still require pedaling to be propelled. That’s a cardio activity that burns a lot of calories. Who loves cardio? We do. 
  •   Endurance training. Riding an e-bike trains core muscles that are responsible for endurance during workouts. It is particularly true for long-distance rides. An e-bike ride is roughly equivalent to two light full-body workouts or a single hard one.

Safety Note

Working out brings many benefits for your body and soul. But you have to do it safely. Consult your GP before trying difficult and exhausting rides. Remember that you don’t have to become a fitness freak. While body image is important, enjoying your cycling should be the priority.

Start Working Out Now!

Improve your lifestyle and start working out with a Delfast TOP 3.0. This e-bike is the ideal vehicle for leisure riding, commuting, and off-road trips. Start your journey here!

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