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What makes Delfast’s eBikes the fastest?

What makes Delfast’s

Have you heard? Forbes recognized Delfast as the Fastest eBike of 2021. We’re stoked to have built the fastest eBike out there and credit our incredible R&D Department with this ground-breaking advancement in EV technology. 
In this article, we’ll break down how our fastest bike works ‒ where does all of this speed come from and how you can utilize it.

What affects speed?

Speed is created by a combination of factors: throttle, pedal-assist modes, bike motor, and battery. Using the throttle to its full power allows you to give your legs a rest while your bike does all the work. Using pedal-assist mode activates the bike’s electric power, to keep you moving without pedaling. And depending on the level of the pedal-assist mode you choose, you can enjoy cruising while pedaling or not do any work at all.
Delfast TOP 3.0 has three pedal-assist modes: eco, city, and unlimited. With eco mode, your speed depends mostly on your pedaling, while unlimited mode nearly turns your e-bike into a scooter. Cool, right? You can take a rest and just enjoy the view ‒ while still being aware of your surroundings and the wheel, of course.
All this power doesn’t come from nowhere. TOP 3.0 has a 3kW motor that works both for city rides on 750W and for off-grid routes with Unlimited mode. Add to that the 182N.m torque and you have an eBike that can tackle city commuting just as comfortably as the backroads. Not only the motor is responsible for the power and speed. We installed a 3200mAh Li-Ion battery that can give you a spectacular riding range on a single charge. 

How fast can a Delfast eBike go?

With pedal assistance, in Unlimited driving mode, you can drive speeds up to 50 mph! The only thing you need to consider is if it’s both safe and legal where you are. Driving safely without exceeding local speed limits is extremely important ‒ way more important than proving you’ve got the fastest bike on the road. Because let’s face it: Delfast Bikes are the fastest. To help keep you safe and meet the speed modes of existing state regulations, we’ve built in some parameters for accessing full speed. Riding as fast as 50 mph is only allowed on private roads or off-grid. So think twice before hopping on the local thoroughfare.

How far can a Delfast eBike go?

Just in case being able to drive 50mph without pedaling wasn’t cool enough, the Delfast team has also built an incredible battery. One full battery charge powers a drive of up to 200 miles. That’s like driving from New York to Philly and back again. Or from San Diego to LA. That’s a long long way you can drive on your eBike. Keep in mind that road conditions and speed can impact your distance on a single charge. For example, if you increase your speed you’ll drain the battery faster. To maximize your distance, our best option is to drive comfortably within posted speed limits. 
Fun fact: The average American drives 13,500 miles/year. Delfast eBike riders who drive that same distance on their bike spend only $24/year (based on current costs of electricity). That’s an incredible value!

Slowing down

Maintaining comfortable speed is important, and if you don’t want to drive full-throttle with a maximum speed, it’s totally understandable. Use the pedal-assist mode that suits your rides the best. Think about finding the driving style. Maybe you want to drive to work without getting sweaty ‒ eco mode is for you. Or maybe you want to get fit ‒ then you don’t need a pedal-assist at all.
Our LED display will help you to meet your goals, maintain speed, and keep an eye on the battery. Take everything under your control and enjoy rides ‒ however fast they are. With Delfast eBikes, every ride is designed for your comfort. Buy one now in our shop!

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