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The Two Wheel Road Trip

The Two Wheel Road

Summer is the quintessential season for road trips. The US is filled with iconic destinations to explore, and many are best explored on two wheels rather than four. Might we suggest a minor edit in your road-tripping plans? Add in the Delfast Top 3.0i to make that memorable road trip truly unforgettable. Here is your definitive guide to executing that next road trip that will fill up your need for adventure, your camera roll and take you off to places those four wheels just can’t go.


Deciding on the different modes of travel you want on your trip will help to narrow down the vast number of possibilities. Will you be taking your road trip solely on your Top 3.0i? Will you be driving the major routes and taking your eBike on offroad adventures? There are an endless number of options, and you can be prepared for each one. 

  •     If your electric bicycle will be your main mode of transportation and you’ll be crossing state lines have a look at our state-by-state guide to eBike laws, and be sure to check possible local laws that may apply. 
  •     If you plan on a hybrid trip with your eBike as your favorite bonus vehicle here’s a guide to some of the trails you could find yourself on and the link to our bike carrier so you can transport your Top 3.0i. 
  •     Once you know your destination, plan your stops along the way for camping or roadside accommodation and leave enough time for recharging, resting and snacking along the way.
  •     Always make sure to have a plan B in case things don’t go as planned, such as: changing weather conditions, a flat tire, or other possible emergencies. 

Find company or take that solo adventure

 We all have our reasons for road tripping. Is this trip a time to spend connecting with friends or family? Or will you take that solo adventure you’ve been craving for years? Maybe you’re searching for like-minded newer friends.

Road trips with friends and family are a great way to connect and deepen the relationship, but if you are looking for like-minded eBike enthusiasts there are countless groups across the country. Some of the well-known sites to search:

  •       Meetup.com has groups all over the country and the world.
  •       Facebook has groups for just about any purpose.
  •       A quick internet search can provide links to groups not associated with the above.

 If you are off on the solo trip of a lifetime, we wish you all the best in whatever and wherever your quest takes you.

Prepare your eBike, accessories and check the forecast

Ensuring your eBike is in good condition and ready to ride is key to having a successful and enjoyable road trip. Charge it up and perform a basic ABC check: air pressure is just right, brakes have enough pad and feel firm, check the condition of your chain. 

Here are some important accessories and spare parts to add: Don’t forget to pack your charger, tire pump, and extra tubes in your side boxes on your universal rack for charging and airing up on the road. You may want to purchase extra tires and other parts and accessories if you aren’t sure of the services in the area you will be traveling to. 

The last thing to do is check the weather report so you know the conditions you’ll be riding in and how to prepare for them.

Enjoy your trip

Now that the trip is planned, contingencies accounted for, you’re ready to head off and enjoy the open road. Whether that road is paved, dirt, or a combination of both, we wish you a road trip full of fun and fond memories on your Delfast Top 3.0i.

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