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The Guide on how to ride an electric bike longer

The Guide on how to

There are some basic rules of how to ride the Delfast electric bike rather sparingly. The owner of any mode of transportation should take a good care of its vehicle. In case you are wonder what you can do to maintain a Delfast electric bike in the perfect condition as long as possible, go on reading the article. 

To start with, pump up the wheels to the maximum allowed pressure for your type of the tires and use only the highway or the road type of the tires. Additionally, regularly tighten the wheel spokes. Thus, the wheel and the tires will serve you longer. 

Also, lubricate all friction surfaces regularly, such as bearings, chains, sprockets, etc. Never forget to replace the spare parts with the high wear on time, especially when it comes to the bearings in the wheels.

Please note, that at the beginning of the movement, the motor-wheel consumes the maximum battery discharge current. Therefore, in order to save the energy, it is recommended to start and smoothly accelerate with the help of the pedals. For the maximum mileage, continuously pedal, thus using the electric motor not as primary, but as auxiliary. Remember, that you can ensure the maximum possible mileage with the fully charged battery, if you do not turn it on,

For the economical ride, do not exceed ⅔ of the maximum speed (15-20 km/h or 9-12 mph). In order to achieve the greater streamlining, copy the fit of the professional cyclists. Calculate the speed and trajectory so that you do not have to slow down too often while not creating a threat to the traffic safety.

When moving down the hill, gain the highest possible safe speed with the batteries being disconnected. So that you can use the reel when going up the next hill. When stopping/finishing the movement, always turn off the battery. Also, turn it off when going down the hill if the controller of your e-bike does not have the recovery mode.

Please make sure to keep the battery indoors or in warmth in the winter time.

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