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New Delfast Partner 2.0: more deliveries during quarantine

New Delfast Partner

Delfast, as the company that originated from the delivery business, knows the  best about the needs of the couriers. Since 2014 Delfast has been developing the most efficient mode of transportation for delivery services and this year they came up with Partner 2.0.

The new model is the contemporary adaptation of the previous Partner. It is the lightest and the most maneuverable Delfast electric bike. Partner 2.0 has the upgraded motor, battery, gear, lights and the front brakes. The company maintains the lowest price for this so that the majority of individual delivery workers could afford it. 

Partner 2.0 addresses the needs of the couriers. First, it is cost-efficient. There is no fee for fuel or parking. Moreover, the electric bike requires less frequent technical service when comparing it to motorcycles or regular bicycles.  With Partner 2.0 the one avoids heavy traffic and thus, has the chance to conduct more deliveries daily. And faster too, since the electric bike can easily traverse any terrains. A courier of any age and physical state can ride Partner 2.0.

Delfast also recognizes the importance of the work done by the delivery guys during the pandemic outbreak and the ongoing quarantine. The electric bike is the way to respect social distancing while performing one’s professional duties. A courier can safely transport food, medications and any other type of order to a person who adheres to the self-isolation at home. 

On the brighter side, quarantine is the time when the nature is healing. Now, the human kind finally sees the damaging results of its activity. With Delfast electric bikes, our team strives to support the nature and to minimize the human CO2 footprint. While couriers continue to work and help the others, they can do that with Partner 2.0 leaving zero emissions in the air. 

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