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Delfast presents new additional to e-bikes

Delfast presents new

Delfast launched different Parts & Accessories to an e-bike to choose from. They are all now available at our web store. 

First, there is a cargo moto saddle. It is the special motorcycle saddle that ensures the comfort of a rider. The moto saddle is the perfect choice for those, who were riding a motorcycle before. Due to this saddle the switch from motorcycle to the electric bike will be much smoother. Moreover, you can always charge the riding angle depending on your height or individual preferences.

cargo moto saddle

Second, a universal moto saddle is there to create more opportunities for a rider. It is the additional that our clients always wanted! The one can attach the truck bag to the rear seat, which is perfect for longer rides. Store water bottles, gloves, glasses or any other of your personal belongings there. It will serve you long and well. 

universal moto saddle

If you need more space for you stuff, better opt for side boxes. There are two types to choose from: standard and premium. Both of them can be attached and removed easily with no help from someone else. It’s a great option when travelling long distances. Moreover, using side boxes is the way to unload one’s back. 

side boxes

While standard cases are made of plastic, premium ones are more durable. Yet, they are light, compact and can be customized at one’s request. 

premium side boxes

The ultimate travelling companion is the cargo trailer. Specially designed for outdooring, the additional is compact, light, and can be easily folded. It has the special mount that helps to attach the cargo trailer to the e-bike with no problem. No worries about the difficulties terrains to traverse: the cargo trailer in addition to one of the Delfast electric bikes will make it work. 

cargo trailer

Visit Delfast official online store to order.

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