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Delfast launches the new electric tricycle with the support of the USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine

Delfast launches the

Delfast, as one of the best tech startups in Ukraine, starts the designing and developing of the Trike, the three-wheeled electric bike, with the support of USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine.

Delfast Trike is the three-wheeled electric vehicle designed for small and medium businesses as well as individual entrepreneurs. This model has the cargo platform behind and is designed to adjust to various types of businesses. The platform can be used to store boxes or can be transformed into the coffee or ice-cream trailer/kiosk or any other kind of street goods sales such as newspapers, souvenirs, flowers, etc. It may also be used  as the advertising platform and the mean of the tourist transportation (tuk tuk).

The e-tricycle may be an excellent solution both for the small businesses, especially in the developing countries, and for the delivery services worldwide. The model can also be useful for people working as plumbers, electricians, handymen, etc. 

Delfast has the great experience in electric bikes production for couriers, since  it was first launched as the one-hour eco delivery service in 2014. From the very beginning  Delfast tried to develop the perfect e-bike for their own delivery workers and it succeeded. The Delfast delivery company, based in Kyiv, Ukraine,  is still operating and provides its service to individual clients as well as online stores and restaurants. Moreover, Delfast is the international manufacturer of the top electric bikes. 

Delfast thanks USAID Competitive Economy Program for the support in designing and developing the product very much needed by delivery guys and services they work for. Especially at the times, when the work they do is greatly appreciated by people during the quarantine. Our goal is to make the new electric tricycle affordable, comfortable, of the high quality, and efficient.

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