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Delfast is taking measures in response to COVID-19

Delfast is taking

Dear friends,

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic Delfast had to take measures to ensure the safety of the employers and the product itself. Delfast has been monitoring the situation developing around coronavirus and was ready to respond in order to maintain health of our team. 

Starting from Monday, March 16th, everyone working at the Delfast headquarter based in Kyiv, Ukraine is self-quarantined. The factory in China is functioning as normal with the extra safety procedures. 

All the deliveries are planned as usual. Although, please consider the local restrictions. Moreover, the product is completely clear and ready to be used. 

Several pros for you to buy a Delfast now:

– fixed price of the product (there will be no price increase)

– it begins to be produced in the factory and ready to be delivered in 3 months

– you get the e-bike right at the time of the riding season

– when buying with Klarna, in case the situation changes for you in a month or two you can always switch to 50% financing option: pay 50% now and the rest when you are ready before the e-bike shipment.

The online store, the customer and technical support are all available 24/7. Delfast offers full assistance during the purchase process as it always does. 

Delfast perceives quarantine to be the extremely significant move towards the healing of the global population. As the responsible community, we insist that every person in the Delfast team continues working distantly for their own safety and the safety of their loved ones.

Please be sure that Delfast keeps offering all the customers full support and assistance. We are eager to work more efficiently than ever, while thinking of the state of health of our community.

Be safe and stay home!

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