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Delfast introduces new financing

Delfast introduces

Delfast is happy to announce that starting from this week every customer can benefit from a new payment service called Partial.ly. This financing option offers a “custom and flexible payment plan”. It is available in the majority of countries, including Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, UK etc link with the possibility to process transactions in the most common currencies. 

Partial.ly requires the one to create an account and login at partial.ly/login in order to open a payment plan. They will save a payment method that will be used to process all the future payments. The payment method can always be changed link via the personal account in case it was lost, stolen or cancelled. 

Please note, even though Partial.ly does not run any credit check, it is required to have the credit limit on the bank account used, which is equal to the amount loaned. Meaning, if you buy an e-bike worth USD 5000, your credit limit should be higher or equal to that. 

Moreover, the one needs to have the full amount of the product value available on the credit card/bank account. Partial.ly secures the payments that way; they do not charge the full amount immediately, but they merely freeze that sum. 

P.S. In case Partial.ly or any other payment service available at Delfast did not work for you for any reason, please consider Delfast's Financing with 0% interest. Send us an email at [email protected] or contact us via LIVE CHAT on Delfast official website.

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