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Delfast gets boost in its sales during the COVID-19 pandemic

Delfast gets boost

Amid the global pandemic outbreak, Delfast, along with other brands selling and producing bicycles and electric bikes, got the boost in sales. The sales levels began to rise in March, when the quarantine regulations reached the majority of states around the world. 

Just like other types of personal protective equipment, electric bikes became the necessity as the safest individual mode of transportation. Speaking of Delfast,  the number of communications from people was increased in 5.3 times in Q2 when compared to the results of Q1 of 2020.


As the results, Delfast team fully realizes how essential it is to provide people with the e-vehicle of high quality and reasonable price. For many either bicycle, or e-bike became the only solution and method to get to the store or pharmacy to buy food or medicines while ensuring one’s own safety. 

“The number of COVID-19 cases in the US was the highest in the world. We, comprehending the situation, saw the importance in making our e-bikes more available than ever. Therefore, Delfast started to implement different financings to ensure the best credit conditions for our customers,” says Daniel Tonkopiy, Delfast CEO

As by now, Delfast has already three financing options with two other coming up soon. It came from our analysis of the potential economic risks in the near future all related to COVID-19. Our goal is to provide our clients with safe and efficient transport in ensuring good rates and delivery terms – those who put the order in now, will receive the e-bike by fall. 

Delfast also experienced the increases in B2B segment sales.  The confirmed demand in electric bikes from couriers is 12 times higher in Q2 than in was in Q1.

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