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Delfast electric cargo tricycle Trike is open for sale

Delfast electric

Delfast Trike, the three-wheeled electric bike constructed for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs, has finally been tested and is now available for order. It took 6 months to develop the new electric tricycle from scratch. The Trike project was made possible with the support of the USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine.


As mentioned above, Trike was specially designed to transfer cargo and goods. It brings dynamic delivery solutions to businesses that require efficient transport. The major effort has been put into the development of the battery that would meet the needs of the couriers and entrepreneurs working for long hours.


To start with, Trike’s powerful battery allows it to ride for at least 60 km or 37 mi or the maximum of 110 km or 68 mi on a single charge. This means that the one can complete more than 20 deliveries a day all over the city. 

Additionally, the fully loaded Trike can carry on the weight up to 300 kg or 600 lbs including the rider and the cargo. As a result, the tricycle fits any type of delivery service or any business doing deliveries. Trike is perfect when it comes to transporting light packages, food and oversized products. People working as plumbers, electricians etc may also find the tricycle useful.


The Trike’s battery can constantly give out the power up to 2 kW with the voltage of 48 V. The capacity of the battery is 46  ampere hours or 2.2 kilowatt hours. Its capacity will only decrease by 20%  after 1500 cycles of “charge-discharge”, which means it will last for 105 000 km or 65 250 mi. The full recharge of the battery requires 4-6 hours. Additionally, the operating temperature varies between -30 °C and + 65 °C.


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