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Delfast Continues to Deliver through Wartime

Delfast Continues to

A few weeks ago we couldn’t imagine this reality, but now we live in a new world.

On Thursday, February the 24th, Russia invaded Ukraine at 5 AM ‒ everyone in our Ukrainian team woke up from horrific explosions. There are no words to fully describe our emotions ‒ Ukraine is a peaceful country in the middle of Europe that hasn't seen devastation like this since WWII. We are gutted to see hospitals, schools, and apartment blocks bombed. This level of atrocity is not acceptable in the 21st century. It never has been.

Delfast, being a Ukrainian-built company (that is now headquartered in the US), is obviously affected by the invasion. We have an office and an RnD Center located in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital. Our hearts are broken to watch this city we love under relentless attack. Our Ukrainian team continues to work remotely from every corner of Ukraine in shelters, guest houses, and other safe places. Other members of our team are now refugees in other countries but continue to work.

Even though there is a full-scale war going on, there are no issues with Delfast manufacturing or shipping. Orders are still being processed, as usual, so you can count on your TOP 3.0 getting to you in time. And incredibly, we have not experienced any supply shortages or logistical difficulties. In fact, the war has led us to increase our sourcing network to find more efficient opportunities to supply you with the best bike and parts.

Our LA office is still up and running and working around the clock. You’ll have no trouble ordering eBikes, Extras, Spare Parts, or accessing our customer service or sales team.
Just like many other conscious companies in the world, Delfast wants, and already supports the Ukrainian people in their fight for freedom. From the start of the war, 5% of every purchase on Delfast has been donated to Ukrainian charity funds.

Our actions to sanction Russia

Delfast has ended all communication and work with Russian contractors, suppliers, and customers. We cannot and will not excuse Russia's actions and continued aggression against innocent people.

By ending all relations with Russia, we remove all economic support of their state, have cut revenue, and implemented a zero-tolerance policy for their aggressive actions.
Each of us has his own front; his or her own moral imperatives to stand by. We, at Delfast, will fight for the freedom and rights of all Ukrainian people.

What can you do?

Aside from purchasing from Delfast and therefore donating 5% of your order price to support Ukrainian charity funds, there are also other options. For example, you can learn more about this war and spread only verified information. Helping to boost awareness of what’s happening is something everyone can do.

You can also donate, find out how to volunteer, or coordinate local action here: https://stopwarukraine.com/ - this is a trusted resource to help Ukrainians, their defenses, and refugees. 
Your support is everything ‒ thank you for your kind words of support, for every cent donated, and for every prayer sent. Thank you for standing with Ukraine.

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