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Take Your e-Bike Anywhere with the Delfast Carrier

Take Your e-Bike

Now, there are no obstacles to conquer the most exciting routes with your electric bike! You can bring your two-wheeler wherever you go with the new Delfast Carrier. This accessory allows you to transport your electric bike easily on the back of your car.

The Delfast carrier is made from durable steel for superior durability. It has a great load-bearing capacity of up to 500 lb. It can carry your Delfast TOP 3.0 effortlessly. The carrier is safe and stable, keeping your e-bike securely mounted even on bumpy roads.

 The Delfast carrier fits any 2-inch square receiver (class II, III, IV, or V trailer hitch). What’s more, it comes with a customizable platform and innovative attachments. It mounts your electric bike securely with a raised adjustable wheel stop that serves as a stabilizing wheel chock.

 This carrier is the perfect size for your electric two-wheeled vehicle. Don’t miss out on new and exciting adventures. Get the new Delfast carrier and explore more of this world on two wheels!

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