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What kind of helmet do you need for riding an eBike?

 What kind of helmet

It is clear that electric bikes’ popularity won’t stop growing with climate change and traffic jams situation happening in the US. EBikes give you better mobility without carbon emissions. They’re also way more affordable than motorcycles or cars: charging your eBike daily will cost you roughly $24 a year, not to mention the difference in prices. Besides, Biden’s tax credit bill will only encourage people to buy more eBikes if it passes the Senate and gets enrolled.
But it’s one thing to buy an eBike and a whole other thing to ride it safely. By “safely” we mean two things: legality and driver’s personal safety.
We’ve covered the legal regulation for eBikes in earlier articles, and also talked to you about safety. However, one thing concerning this issue is still due explanation ‒ helmets!

Is a helmet really required?

Similar to eBike regulation, helmet laws also differ from state to state. Most states require wearing a helmet while riding a Class 2 eBike. If you wonder what are these, here’s the quick reminder:

  • Class 1 is for eBikes with a pedal-assist system that can reach no more than 20 MPH;
  • Class 2 is for eBikes with throttle mode that can reach no more than 20 MPH;
  • Class 3 is for eBikes with a pedal-assist system that can reach up to 28 MPH.

Delfast eBikes correspond to the Class 2 category. However, a rider can switch to higher speeds on racing tracks and other locations where riding the eBike with more than 750W motor is allowed.
These states require wearing a helmet regardless of eBike’s class: Oklahoma, Texas, Washington, Delaware, New Mexico, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Florida, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, North Carolina, Oregon, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania.
And this is a list of states that require wearing a helmet for Class 1&2 eBikes depending on rider’s age: 

  • Ohio, Michigan, and Virginia have local bike helmet requirements;
  • California requires helmets for everyone under 18;
  • Connecticut, Georgia, Tennessee, and New Hampshire require helmets for everyone under 16;
  • New York has state and local bike helmet requirements.

Alaska, Arizona, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, and Wisconsin govern the wearing of helmets only with local bike helmet requirements.
Your best shot will be to check with your local bike helmet laws and follow them. Even if your state or county doesn’t require you to wear a helmet while riding your Delfast eBike, we highly advise you to do so. Helmets are your number one safety equipment, and wearing them is your best protection.

What to look for while choosing a helmet? 

Your helmet should be comfortable, safe, and stylish (this one is essential too, right?). 
Usually, bike helmets are made out of polystyrene foam and polycarbonate. The first material is used on the inside as a helmet liner, while polycarbonate is what provides the solidity of the shell. Helmets constructed like this are lightweight and comfy.
Some modern helmets have a dial fit system for a better size adjustment and a secure fit. Fit is important ‒ you need to measure your head to get it right. It’s easy:

  1. Wrap measuring tape or anything flexible around the largest part of your head and make sure it touches the top of your eyebrows. 
  2. Mark the length and compare it to values in a size chart for bike helmets. Always size down, not up, if your results are in between two sizes.

If you’re located in a state with a warmer climate, your best option will be a helmet with advanced ventilation.
If you plan to take a lot of off-road rides, opt for closed helmets to protect your face from dirt. Helmets with full-face coverage also protect your jaw.

Can I use a regular helmet for convenient bikes? 

For riding under Class 2 requirements (a default power setting for our TOP 3.0) you can use a regular bike helmet. If you want to speed up, you’ll need better protection ‒ a moto helmet or a model with MIP (multi-directional impact protection) system.
This technology is your must-have if you’re more of an off-road rider. MIPS fixates the head inside the helmet during the impact, preventing concussions and other life-threatening head injuries.
So yes, safety on the road is your number one priority, and helmets are a huge part of it. Even if you're out for a short ride, wearing a helmet is mandatory. Delfast eBikes are safe to ride, but you taking a precaution multiplies this to a big extent.

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