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Sur Ron vs. Cross Dirt

Sur Ron vs. Cross

Both Sur Ron and Cross Dirt are two great electric bikes, but we are here to tell you why specifically Delfast Cross Dirt is the one worth your attention. 

To start with, Sur Ron will definitely come second with its maximum speed of 45 mph and Delfast’s TOP 3.0 50 mph. Moreover, Cross Dirt seems unbeatable with the super powerful standard battery 2074Wh and the range up to 110 on the single charge and . In contrast, Sun Ron can only ride for 20-60 miles. You probably might get lost too, since it does not have a GPS-tracker. Also, better not leave it unattended - there is no anti theft system. 


While Delfast Cross Dirt has both the GPS-tracker and the anti theft system with remote control, it also includes an advanced LED metal protection kit and the wide selection of colors for you to choose from. 

Let’s now talk about the prices. Sur Ron is $699 more expensive than the Cross Dirt. Moreover, Delfast offers free delivery. Other extra parts such as a belt and chain pedal drive and advanced LED headlight are much cheaper. Furthermore, Sur Ron does not have city wheels, bicycle seatpost and advanced battery 2268Wh available for additional purchase as Delfast does.

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