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Electric bike tips on the blog

If you seriously consider purchasing an electric bicycle, there is an important aspect to pay attention to, the BATTERY. Whether you plan to use an e-bike for commuting, leisure, or sports, the selection of the battery is critical. The battery determines the speed, power, and range of your e-bike.
How fast is an electric bike? Many people interested in purchasing their first e-bike often ask this question. Also, many wonder whether the speed e-bikes reach is within safe and legal limits.
Therefore, we decided to make a small mini-guide on the legality of using electric bikes in the USA, a country where new happy owners of Delfast bikes appear every day.
Previously on Delfast blog, we published articles on how to mount a camera on an electric bike. This article is devoted to the range of electric bikes and its calculation. So, how long can one ride on one electric bike charge? 
There are both experienced e-bike enthusiasts and newbies among you. We published the previous article on how to properly mount the camera on an electric bike for those who are not so experienced in the topic.
Recently we published an article on how to take care of your e-bike battery. We devote today's article to mounting the camera on your electric bike. You’ll find here general tips on how to mount a camera on a bicycle or on an electric bike, TOP-3 short e-bike camera reviews, and tips to pay attention to. 
Both Sur Ron and Cross Dirt are two great electric bikes, but we are here to tell you why specifically Delfast Cross Dirt is the one worth your attention. 
Twenty years ago, people dreamed about new exciting technologies rapidly changing our lives. Something like an AI that will surpass our computers’ and even our brain’s computational abilities or something like a completely ‘clean’ efficient vehicles that can be charged with solar power.
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