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Best Places To Mount Cameras On A Bike

Best Places To Mount

Recently we published an article on how to take care of your e-bike battery. We devote today's article to mounting the camera on your electric bike. You’ll find here general tips on how to mount a camera on a bicycle or on an electric bike, TOP-3 short e-bike camera reviews, and tips to pay attention to. 

Cameras for all bike types have become an increasingly popular accessory. With their help, you can create your films about where you have been, shoot the performance of stunts and the passage of trails.

The modern market for e-bike cameras contains a lot of proposals that, perhaps, will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding bike enthusiast. The camera can be installed anywhere and as you like, shoot in motion, comment, and edit interesting and exciting videos filled with real drive.

Having a suitable mount, any compact camera with a special tripod hole can be mounted on a bicycle. It is important to choose a strong mount, and, of course, the most advantageous angle. This option is well suited for beginner riders who would like to understand what moments, in general, can be captured using video. Owners of iPhones can use special mounts, as well as a moisture-resistant, shock-resistant box, and expect a good picture. When using protective boxes, it is important to choose an accessory with soundholes, of course, if this is important for your future extreme roller.

Best place to mount an e-bike camera

The best places to mount bike cameras on a bicycle or an electric bike are the helmet, handlebar and under the saddle.

Helmet. Mounting a camera on it is the best idea in case you want your videos to be more clear. Anyway, one should use a tight mount to get the best result. The images might be too high.

Handlebar. Advantages of mounting a camera on the handlebar:

  • quick installation that does not require the involvement of a specialist,
  • Confident and convenient e-bike camera operation,
  • perfect compatibility with devices from the world's leading manufacturers,
  • shooting at high speeds, under various climatic conditions.

An electric bike camera is normally made in the form of a metal clip ring, on top of which the camera itself is mounted in a low-profile frame. The diameter of the ring to be installed is adjusted by using a suitable rubber seal and tightening the screw.

Under the saddle. This position allows you to film everything that happens behind you. This is a good option if, for example, you are riding a bike in a group and want to take notes as you ride.

If needed, you can purchase a special saddle with fastening. Some models are fitted under the seat. In any case, the products are easy to install, compact, and reasonably priced. It is an item that is guaranteed to prevent potential equipment slipping, breakage, and vibration. Thus, the camera will faithfully serve the owner for a long time.

Top 5 tips to pay attention to before buying an electric bike camera

Before buying an electric bike camera, please pay attention to:

  • design,
  • video quality,
  • battery,
  • connectivity,
  • memory.

Design. The shape and design of your camera will affect how it is positioned on a handlebar or helmet. If you plan on using it daily, you need to look for a more compact option. Again, the shape will affect how it fits onto the bike. Some cameras perform better on the handlebars, while others perform better when mounted on a helmet. When buying, you should look for the most convenient option.

Video quality. It doesn't matter whether you take the video for your use or for creating video clips for your target audience, it is better to use a high-quality camera.

Battery. This option should GoPronot be ignored. The best camera is a camera with long battery life, especially if you have to use it for several hours.

Connectivity. It is very important to make sure that your e-bike camera to mount on the electric bike is compatible with your smartphone or laptop. All ports and features such as Bluetooth should be checked.

Memory. Please check the memory capacity. A good camera should have at least 32 GB.

Top 3 best digital cameras to mount on your e-bike

  • Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Camera. This waterproof Ultra HD camera allows you to start and stop the video, take pictures, and "remember" the moment with voice commands. The Virb Ultra 30 looks more like a GoPro than previous Virb models and is still compatible with GoPro mounts. Even when your camera is out of reach, such as a helmet, or when you just have your hands busy, you need to control it somehow. That's why we've equipped the Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 with voice control based on Sensory TrulyHandsfree technology. The camera recognizes commands such as "start recording" or "take a photo" (in English, see Instructions). With the "remember this" command, you can create a label and then return to your favorite place. In addition to streaming video, the free mobile application VIRB Mobile allows you to view, edit, and share videos that automatically highlight the best moments. Embed G-Metrix data on videos and share it with friends on social media. The desktop application VIRB Edit is a simple and functional program for editing videos. With it, you can edit records, glue the best moments, overlay music, etc.

  • Go Pro Hero 8. We have to admit, this model has a high video recording quality. Three levels of stabilization available. SuperPhoto + HDR regime allows reducing blur in individual photos. A slow-motion feature is also available. The weight of this gadget is only 122 g, which means you will hardly notice any additional weight on the bike. 

  • GoXtreme Action 4k. A pocket-sized camera, that would cost you an absolute fortune. It supports 64GB memory cards. At a reasonable price, it has Wi-Fi, which means, videos and pictures can be sent from the camera directly to the phone. The battery life is just 90 minutes, which can be a disadvantage.

With any type of mount, you can always use additional adapters, extension cords, and adapters to select the shooting angle or distance from the action camera to the bike. When buying bike mounts, the main thing is not to forget about the compatibility of cameras and mounts. A bit of imagination and incompatible mount turns into a universal.


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